Family Curator Notes

Annotation inferences using phylogenetic trees

The goal of the GO Reference Genome Project, described in PMID 19578431, is to provide accurate, complete and consistent GO annotations for all genes in twelve model organism genomes.To this end, GO curators are annotating evolutionary trees from the PANTHER database with GO terms describing molecular function, biological process and cellular component. GO terms based on experimental data from the scientific literature are used to annotate ancestral genes in the phylogenetic tree by sequence similarity (ISS), and unannotated descendants of these ancestral genes are inferred to have inherited these same GO annotations by descent. The annotations are done using a tool called PAINT (Phylogenetic Annotation and INference Tool).

Propagted GO:8236, Serine type endopeptidase activity to AN0.

Propaged GO: 5615 extracellular space, GO:5794 Golgi apparatus in some cases.
GO: 5619, ascopore wall was propagated through AN631, because the node contains all fungal proteins and this is a valid component term for that family.

GO:6508, proteolysis or GO: 1605 protein maturation by peptide bond cleavage were propageted to most proteins.