PanTree: Integration of biological knowledge
Welcome to PanTree, a framework for integrating biological knowledge in an evolutionary context. PanTree currently maintains stable identifiers for extant and ancestral genes across 48 different fully sequenced genomes, derived from phylogenetic trees. PanTree is under active development, so keep checking this site for new features. Currently, you can:
Browse the list of trees annotated by the Gene Ontology Reference Genome Project . This project is integrating experimental knowledge from the scientific literature (captured as GO terms) across 12 different “model organisms.” Curators visualize and integrate this knowledge by inferring GO terms for ancestral genes, using an open-source software application called PAINT (Phylogenetic Annotation and Inference Tool). These terms are then inherited from ancestors to descendants, resulting in inferred annotations for genes whose functions are not experimentally known.
PanTree is developed by the Thomas lab at USC